League Rules & Appeals

It is really important you know the rules and understand them so please take some time to read them as the rules are not the same for every competition.

The competition rules for the Nene Sunday League, Internal league Cups, NFA Cups and NTFA Cups can all be found within the downloads page. If you have any questions or queries please contact Simon Burnell via the contact us page or directly at sburnell@neneleague.co.uk.

In addition to rules and regulations, Simon will be responsible for charging teams when you are in breach of the rules. The Nene Sunday Leagues’ approach to fining clubs is one of leniency and understanding so we will where possible offer warnings to clubs in the first instance. Of course, for the more serious offences there is no real choice but to issue the appropriate punishments

There is a Fines Tariff listed as part of the league and cup rules so there should be no surprises if you are in breach of the rules.

We would also encourage you all to be vigilant with player discipline. It is your responsibility to report all cautions, red cards and misconduct incidents to the NFA. If you don’t, you could easily get yourselves in a lot of bother financially with the NFA and the league. We don’t want any of our clubs in that kind of trouble so please, if you are not sure about something, please ask before you do it.